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Flood Damage Cleanup Services Orlando Florida

We are a Local and Licensed Restoration Contractor servicing all of Orange County and Metropolitan Orlando for Storm Damage, Flash Floods, Sewer Backups, Broken Pipes, Fire Disasters, Hurricanes, Tropical Storms and Water Damage Mishaps

drying processAfter experiencing a terrible natural disaster, everything you do may seem like a struggle.It is a very heart wrenching experience to see everything you have worked for under water, destroyed by a fire, or even wrecked by adverse weather events. It’s a nightmare to see a place where you lived-in comfortably for all these years is now under scrutiny. Luckily, The Restoration Pros of Orlando is standing by, waiting for your call. We are a full scale restoration company who wants to help you today.

Emergency Water Mitigation Services – Flood Cleanup – Disaster Recovery Services

We are specialists in flood damage restoration services. With a call from you, we land at your place faster than you can imagine. We have state-of-the-art equipment to detect leakages and damages. Our service team includes certified technicians who are masters in water repair mechanics. As professionals, we will work with the leading disaster recovery firm in Orlando, and we will service any residence or business located in Orange County.

A few of our featured Services are:
• Flood disaster recovery
• Basement clean-up
• Water repair services
• Mold remediation
• Carpet drying and cleaning

techniciansWhen we first arrive, we will check for any emergency steps that need to be done such as a quick fixation of an overflowing sump pump or a pipe. Stopping excess water flow can prevent further damages to properties. As a next step, we try to clear off as many items as we can immediately to a safe area that is not filled with standing water. If furniture and wall artworks have been subjected to moisture for a long period of time, they lose their rigidity and also pave a way for the growth of microbes such as molds. Hence, it is important to do anti-microbial treatments on walls and furniture to withhold the spread of this mold.

Emergency Repairs and Flood Cleanup in Orlando Florida – Residential or Commercial Services

Water extraction using large pumps is the main step which demands the use of various technological equipments depending on the quantity of water accumulated. Once water is cleared off, the whole space is subjected to drying which might take from a few hours to a few days, again depending on the area of the place. Dehumidifiers and infrared devices are used to detect moisture and bring the humidity levels back to normal. Carpets and furniture undergo complete drying and treatment procedures before they can be replaced back to their original places.

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Orlando Police Department:
6207 E Pershing Ave, Orlando, FL
Ph: (407) 246-4141

Orlando Fire Department:
1588 Park Center Dr, Orlando, FL
Ph: (407) 246-4412

Orlando Public Works:
400 S Orange Ave, Orlando, FL
Ph: (407) 246-2266

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